30 October, 2016

Awareness & Communication

We believe firmly that the social action is one of the basis of any affiliation that fights for the well-being of the most disadvantaged communities. We believe that the disclosure and awareness in the north are a very important part of our task. To achieve this we organise various events in which we tell our work.

We try to make our organization reaching out to all kinds of people. We have different projects in which any interested person can get involved, both economically and through voluntary work. We want to make our message as far as possible, and to convey the idea that all, each and every one of us, we can do something to change the world. To do this, we inform you of the current situation in Senegal, we explain what the measures that could be carried out are and what is our strategy.

We also want to involve workers in the agricultural sector. We hold that both public research as the business related to agriculture have to put their grain of sand so that the world population feeds better.

We try to make that our task of raising awareness also reaches the researchers, breeders, farmers and entrepreneurs of the north, to make them feel that with a little effort and collaboration from their part, rural communities of the South can obtain the resources necessary to improve and update their way of life.

The information is a key point in order to be able to evaluate critically what surrounds us. We inform, through our web page, our blog and our social networks, of all the activities we carry out and any other thing that we deem useful and interesting for our partners. We extend our work to media to publicize our activity.