Modernization and technification


The level of technification and modernization of the plots of land of the farmers we work with is practically non-existent:

  • There is no agricultural machinery available.
  • There are many wells of their own, but extraction is mostly manual and therefore not very efficient. In addition, due to the shallow depth, many are quickly exhausted during the dry season.
  • Crops do not rotate, causing soil depletion. Generally, they do not use a furrow system, making irrigation difficult.
  • They do not carry out pruning, which leads to the appearance of plagues.

By increasing technical resources we could help improve yields and production while increasing the sustainability of agricultural practices. Our system is based on the farmers themselves identifying the problems since no one knows their reality better than they do. Once the problem has been identified, we evaluate it together with expert personnel in the subject to be treated and plan together the course of action to be followed to reach a solution. In this area, the help of both companies in the sector and specialized research centers is essential, either with knowledge or with material or economic donations. The first problems identified were the lack of fencing on the plots and the availability of water. So these two were the projects we decided to start in this area of work.