Prevention of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has plunged the entire world into a state of absolute chaos in which more than 140 million people have been infected and more than 3 million have died. But in countries like Senegal, and especially in rural areas like Nguéniène, the situation has been extremely precarious. There, the possibility of having medical care is reserved for the most privileged people with more resources, and in Nguéniène they do not even have a doctor, only a nurse.

The lack of medical centers in rural areas means that prevention is their only weapon in the fight against the pandemic. Aware of this reality and faced with the increase of cases during the months of June and July, the people of Nguéniène asked us for help to prevent the increase of cases in the area.

Although we are dedicated to development and not to humanitarian aid, in this unprecedented situation, it seemed appropriate to do our bit in the fight against the pandemic.

The women’s associations asked us to help generate bleach for disinfection, soap and hand-washing devices to maintain hygiene as much as possible, as well as masks.

In August 2020, a training on bleach and soap making was conducted with the women’s groups. During this 4-day training, about 2,647 liters of bleach, 120 soaps and 100 hand washing devices were produced.

The hand-washing devices were placed at strategic points in the village where there is the most traffic: at the market, at the entrances and exits of the village….

Both the production of bleach and soaps represents a know-how that the women of the associations will continue to use, since part of what is produced will be sold at the market stall they have in order to obtain economic resources for the following items; thus helping not only the prevention of covid-19 in Nguéniène, but also the personal economy of the women who made it.

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