Product transformation

In line with the objective of improving nutrition in the Senegalese rural population, Cultivalia Senegaal has trained and accompanied three women’s associations in the transformation of agricultural products.

In 2019, the same women’s associations carried out the transformation of agricultural products, with the help of a Senegalese trainer expert in the field. Thus, they learned how to make preserves, jams and fruit and vegetable juices and the correct and safe protocols for packaging, labeling and preservation. This makes it possible to conserve surpluses produced during harvests, which can be sold or consumed when food is scarce.

In 2020, women’s associations, with the support of Cultivalia Senegaal, have begun using a sales space at the weekly market in Nguéniène, the largest in the region, to be able to sell surpluses, both from poultry production and from the processing of agricultural products. The market is held in the open air, and the women of the association have worked to adapt the space for the sale. An awning and a suitable structure are of vital importance, since both the women and their products must remain for hours under the scorching sun.

Thanks to these projects, we are able to improve the supply of basic nutrients for all members of the beneficiary families and increase the supply of quality protein, fruits and vegetables locally, while involving the women of the three villages in the work of Cultivalia Senegaal.

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