How Cultivalia Senegaal came up

Here you can watch a presentation about our association. Here we explain what has moved us to choose Senegal, we present you the region of Thies, where we currently work, and we provide a few interesting facts about the situation in Senegal in general and the agricultural sector in particular.

Cultivalia Senegaal comes up as an idea on a trip. The journey, like every journey, opens our eyes. And whispers: “How will you ignore it, how can you go on with your life with all that has to be done around the world?” And so we began. With a huge desire, illusion, with fresh ideas, with a lot of time already spent and still much work to do. Cultivalia Senegaal comes up as a passionate group of people, intending to play their part in, no matter how small it is.

We have decided to specialize a lot. We started in the agricultural sector and we want to support farmer families. They are an important percentage of the Senegalese rural population. We want to provide them the resources they need to have a more efficient, sustainable and above all, more nutritious agriculture.

We think that the support and involvement of the local population – both individually and as an organization – are the way to work in international cooperation. That is why we talked with public institutions, local associations and individual farmers, so as to know their situation, their prospects, their ambitions and their preferences. We are starting to work in the direction that we set together, always based on an established relationship with the local population.

You can take a look at our actions, and, if you are interested in collaborate with us, you are welcome!

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