Multiplication of Quinoa seed

In a previous entry (, we explained you why we think quinoa’s introduction in Nguéniènian families’ diet would improve the content of proteins, vitamins and some essential minerals. To that end, we started doing our first activities related to our project during our last journey: a gastronomic workshops so as Nguéniènians get to know this Read more about Multiplication of Quinoa seed[…]

Where do we work: Senegal

Cultivalia Senegaal already existed. But we weren’t a registered association. It existed, because we organised ourselves, we established some objectives, we had charted the initial edges of our strategy. Although it was still left to do the most important thing: knowing Senegal and its people. We decided to start with the región of Thiès, in the department of M‘bour. Senegaldazzled us, with its light, its music, Read more about Where do we work: Senegal[…]

What nutrients are missing in Nguéniène fields?

Crops, as people, have some specific requirements of nutrients. They need to acquire from the ground a certain amount of water, of ions, a determinate pH, a compaction that results adequatedfor roots to grow… One of the objectives of Cultivalia Senegaal is to increase the productivity through the technical improve, but in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. For that, the first thing we Read more about What nutrients are missing in Nguéniène fields?[…]