3 October, 2016

Mission, Vision & Values

We work to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged rural communities in Senegal. That is based in their access to a balanced diet through a sustainable and productive agriculture.


During the following decades, Cultivalia Senegaal will contribute to develop a sustainable, diversified and productive agriculture which guarantees the food sovereignty of the Senegalese people. With this, their quality of life and health will improve. Cultivalia Senegaal will create a bilateral solidarity network in which participants will be volunteers, companies and primary sector cooperatives as well as Senegalese farmers. With these connections we will benefit the redistribution of resources.


Fellowship, learning, empathy: first and foremost, we are people working, creating and learning with other people. We want to create relationships between colleagues in a place where new ideas are welcome and were we can progress together by the defined direction.

Respect, tolerance and loyalty: Culture, religion, way of life, society and environment of Senegal and its people – with whom we work – deserve all our respect and we undertake that they will never feel threatened by our actions.

Coherence, transparency, responsibility: We become aware of the contract of responsibility we have with the communities we work with and with the people that contribute to make this real, either with their volunteer work or with their economical support since Cultivalia Senegaal was created. That is why we plan strategically which actions we carry out and how we will invest our raised funds and expose all the information so that it can be checked.