What nutrients are missing in Nguéniène fields?

Crops, as people, have some specific requirements of nutrients. They need to acquire from the ground a certain amount of water, of ions, a determinate pH, a compaction that results adequatedfor roots to grow…

One of the objectives of Cultivalia Senegaal is to increase the productivity through the technical improve, but in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. For that, the first thing we want to do is to know the acual situation of the ground. Maybe, the chemical fertilizer that most agricultures use is not the appropriated. Maybe we have to look for other ways, other types of fertilizers or other doses used.

To do this analysis, we show 11 plots of land of the municipality of NguénièneDuring the visits we did to the agricultors we worked with, we explained that the analysis of the ground of crops would give us information to find the best solutions to their problems. The people of CultivaliaSenegaal, with help from the agricultors, collected approximately a kilogram of soil, which was 20 or 25 cm deep. Once the samples were collected, we brought them to Spain to proceed with the analysis.

Continuing our politicy of collaboration with companies and investigation centres, we tried to find experts who were interested. We had the great fortune to count with Juanma González Olalla, who helped us to get the interest of the department of pedology from the University of Granada. The

researcher and professor of university Francisco José Martín Peinado came forward really kindly to cooperate with us in this analysis. He provided, above all, his knowledge and experience in analysis of land of agricultural parcels. He also provides us a space and the reagents and necessary devices to carry out the analysis. We have also got the voluntary participation of astudent of Biotechnology, María Bigorra, to carry out the analysis. Thanks to all of them, we expect to have promising results in some weeks. Before the exhaustive analysis, we could decide which are the following steps to take in Nguéniène.

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