Cultivalia Senegaal is kept afloat by members and donations from the public. In order to continue with our projects, we need your collaboration. Our financing is 100 % private to guarantee our independence in decision making and project development. All the money collected is entirely used for our activity in Senegal and minimum expenses for dissemination and promotion, since all Cultivalia Senegaal staff are volunteers.

If you believe in our project and you can do it, help us with a fee. In this way, in addition to economic support, we increase our social base, consolidating ourselves as an organization. The minimum fee is 5 euros per month. Complete your registration here

You can also join our teaming group, where the collaboration will be only one euro per month. If a social fee is not routinely appropriate for you, you can make a one-time donation by making a bank transfer to our account number (CajaMar):

ES21 3058 0555 1127 2000 5041